Our Mission

The JacksonStrong Foundation has vowed to provide emotional as well as financial support to families impacted by pediatric cancer. The Walsh family; the founders of the JacksonStrong Foundation, know first-hand how financially crippling a diagnosis like that is on a family. Often times one, if not two parents must stop working, and in today's economy, often times one salary just does not cut it. Add in the potential of having to relocate a family to seek the best medical attention, out of pocket medical costs, travel expenses, and the added stress of taking care of other children, you encounter many families who are being crushed by immeasurable debt. Through generous donors and the foundation's fundraising efforts, the goal is to offer care packages, and financial support to families in need. This foundation has a great deal of growing to do, but is happily on its way to making a difference in the lives of sick children. Through our efforts, and our loyal followers, we are hoping to continue to raise awareness for pediatric cancer, its despicable underfunding, and bring to light how many families are impacted by this devastating disease. For more information on how to request assistance please follow the link below, or email us at JacksonStrong2015@gmail.com