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Care Package Program

Part of our foundation's mission is to help ease the financial burden placed on families battling pediatric cancer but one of the other great things we do; in abundance, is send care packages all around the country to children in treatment. These package contents may vary, but always have the same goal in mind. We aim to place a smile on the face of a sick child and their family, and let them know that we are all rooting for them. We often like to include activities to keep the family busy during treatment, provide items of comfort such as blankets, slippers or pajamas, as well as gift cards for food, and personal care products. All of us here at the JacksonStrong Foundation know how touching the kindness of complete strangers can be during such a devastating time. Many people have asked how they can help us with this portion of our program and we have come up with the perfect solution. We have created an Amazon Wishlist where donors can order items that will be utilized in our care package program. If you like what see, and want to get involved, follow the Amazon link below!